Video Production

Cost to produce your band's Live Concert DVD or corporation's educational series: $5 per DVD*

Yes, that's an asterick by the cost.  At Boss Multimedia, we're volume providers, and the higher the volume, the lower the cost per unit.  We have a staff of professional videographers, and your editors are always musicians themselves, so the 50% of the audio-video experience is paid attention to while, in the case of a Live Concert, your drummer is always playing to the beat on your DVD.

So, what's the deal?  Here's how much we're talking about, all-in, for bringing the production crew to your event (including four HD camera videographers and an audio engineer), securing the shooting rights at your venue (including talking to the venue owner to make sure we're patched into their system properly and out of the way), and editing and manufacturing your DVD, exclusive of travel costs.

Initial Run of 1,000 DVDs: $10 per unit

*Initial Run of 3,000 DVDs: $5 per unit

*Subsequent Runs of 1,000 DVDs: $5 per unit

Here's the other deal: once we produce your DVD, we'll setup a PaylPal or Google Checkout site for you to integrate to your existing website (including MySpace or Facebook site), or we'll create a three page website for you FOR FREE that includes a PaylPal or Google Checkout store, as long as you give Boss Multimedia $5 in distribution charges per DVD sold and shipped**.

That means Boss Multimedia will sell the DVDs we make for you online, warehouse the units, ship them to customers, and handle the whole process for $5 in distribution fees (**assuming a maximum $20 per unit sales price, not including sales tax or shipping and handling).

The website Boss Mulimedia creates for content owners includes your own login to a Content Management System (CMS) that easily allows your own representative to keep up a Blog, update a Photo Gallery, post new videos or music, or just rewrite the major sections of the website from time to time.

So, let's get to business.  Email us at: or call: 214.403.4170