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Welcome to boss multimedia

Boss Multimedia - "the independent source"

Being "the independent source" means Boss Multimedia prefers clients to have copyright and licensing rights themselves, as Boss Multimedia is not a traditional Production Company, Label or Studio, and has no aspiration of "owning" artist's creations. 

Instead, Boss Multimedia seeks to cultivate long-term relationships with intellectual property owners and artists in order to help redefine the production cycle through new methods of production and distribution.

We're multimedia producers and musicians that value the creative process, and we make video, audio and web content.

Boss rocks your face off.

Just check out our Concert DVDs by Texas guitar legends Bugs Henderson and Jim Suhler, both Live at the Granada.

Drop some Boss knowledge.

Check out The Theology Program, created by Reclaiming the Mind Ministries and produced by Boss Multimedia.  Covering a total of 6 courses across 60 classes on DVD and CD, and further produced into 263 Theology Questions.  All shot and edited by Boss Multimedia.  Visit the Reclaiming the Mind Ministries store to purchase a copy yourself!